Iceland - 2017 / 2020

Iceland Horse Escape.jpg
The Great Escape
I am always ready to shoot, and this was no exception. We were driving down a 2 lane highway when I spotted these horses charging towards us, and not on the other side of the fence, on the road! I quickly shot this from the back seat driver side of the window through the front windshield and got off a few fast shots and captured these magnificent Icelandic horses on the run. Exhilarating!

_ICE3655v1v1creeper (1).jpg
What's buried in the ice?
What is this other worldly shot?  I discovered this on my second round of editing this year. This is unedited other than color and highlight.  Do you see the hand reaching through the ice?  How about the screw and metal pieces flying towards the hand?  Three of us crawled on our hands and knees with our camera and tripod deep into the cave until we succumbed to the dark and we made a hard left into a vertical crevasse that provided light through the top.  There was barely room for three of us in there and as I waited my turn to shoot the top, I shot the wall above me.  This is the shot I got.  It was so dark that I had no idea what the camera recorded, until now.

20170311-Iceland 511A7710 Island Sunbreak.jpg
God's Light
We pulled off the road to stretch our legs and I pulled out my telephoto lense to catch this small island lit up with God's Light. This one won at the California State Fair.

20170311-2118 Ice Queen.jpg
Hidden ice princess
This princess watches over stunning waterfalls.