Alligator Farm 2022

Low Key Crocodile
Hi there!
This shot was a Runner Up Winner for 2021 St Augustine Alligator Farm Photography Contest! I was fortunate to find this Nile crocodile "Crocodylus niloticus" in amazing light and shot this as a low key photograph. I had just taken a class in the past year on High Key photography. In order to get this shot, I laid on my stomach and shot this through the plexiglass at the Alligator Farm and used my telephoto lens and used the histogram to adjust to create a low key photo. Final settings were 393mm f/6.3 1/2500 sec ISO 640.

DSC09630- 211128- 3 Spoonies.jpg
Roseate Spoonbills
Seeing spoonbills is a real treat. These stunning birds dance in mating rituals and some scientists belive they gain their pink color based on the foods they eat like carotenoid-rich shrimp. I hope I don't turn pink--I eat a lot of shrimp :).